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Chhatri, Mandi (HP)

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We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which on can stand on one's feet. Education is the most powerful weapon of the world, it plays an important role in extending the horizon of human life and in the development of individuality. Without education, "man is just like a man who have tongue, but he can't speak", who have ear, but he can't hear, who have eyes but he can't see.

It means that without education man can't explain his views properly and he can never differentiate between right or wrong properly.
We want to provide education through self activity and by following the system of worksheets.We want to put exclusive emphasis on the inner and outer of the students by developing his thinking and reasoning, problem solving and creativity, intelligence and aptitude positive sentiment and skills, good values and attitude.

We are fully confident that this place is the suitable place for your student's all around development, because a "student without education and practical training is like a bird without wings"

Sunil Kumar Patial